Sam Irl

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All solo releases so far.

Donau EP

Jazz & Milk, 2022

Rain Technique EP

Free Range Records, 2018

Twelve Inch Jams 002

Jazz & Milk, 2017

Melting Memories EP

Sampling As An Art Records, 2016

Raw Land

Jazz & Milk, 2016

Free To Grow EP

Jazz & Milk, 2015

Free To Grow EP

Jazz & Milk, 2015

Twelve Inch Jams 002

Jazz & Milk, 2012

Pulsinger & Irl


„Pulsinger & Irl” is the collaborative project between Austrian producer & techno pioneer Patrick Pulsinger and the Bavarian producer & sound engineer Sam Irl. 
Hailing from different musical backgrounds they found a mutual connection between experimental techno, sample-heavy dub & jazz and their love for analogue machinery.

Their live-set aims at capturing the essential vibe of live-performed techno and house music, working only with drum computers, a MPC sampler, analogue synthesizers and a series of dub-heavy effects recalling the atmosphere of Jamaican dub culture, early Detroit techno and contemporary electronics.


on V/A "ON IN OUT"
Advanced Public Listening Records, 2022

Retrieval EP

Big Beak, 2019

Exu EP

Big Beak, 2018

So Many Ways

Unlimited Matches, 2018

Function Creep EP

Big Beak, 2017


Big Beak, 2016

Wasted At Work

on V/A "20 YRS #1 / POM36"
Pomelo, 2014

Remixes & Dubs